Saturday, May 22, 2010

Have a beautiful weekend!

A long weekend here presents a beautiful array of possibilities...
hope your brings you the very best!

Here are some places to go, things to see with the extra bit of time to make your weekend even better....

- a very favourite snack, inspired by a favourite Cuban cafe (You simply have to try this one!)
- very fun + clever DIY project - Samantha's faux suzani pillows
- she already has the cutest flower shop in the city, now the most adorable pet! I ♥ him!
-bring Spring wherever you go with this beautiful blooming necklace
-isn't it romantic? the seemingly long-lost art of love letters

 Thanks for all your great category suggestions, keep sending your favourite blogs to include!
+ most importantly - have a beautiful, beautiful weekend everyone!

{Photo: source unknown}


Sarah Klassen said...

I love this pic + cannot wait to visit some of those links – you always find such wonderful things!

Wishing you the loveliest weekend, Sharalee. . .


Karena said...

Wonderful images and links to visit! Love your site.

Art by Karena

mimi charmante said...

LOVE that shot - what I wouldn't do for a self-portrait like it~
your blog is fabulous - bravo!
have a marvelous rest of your weekend,

Comfy Heaven - Anita said...

love your pics, always inspiring!

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life said...

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Anna said...



Charlotta Ward said...

Gorgeous picture! Kate is so cute when caught off-guard.

The weekend was lovely - drenched in rain but full of cozy remedies. Had little 'afternoon tea' party with friends and enjoyed home made coconut sponge cake with raspberries and warm custard. THAT cheered us up, as did blitzing the home making it look and feel fresh and comfy for the colder weeks to come.
Sydney is truly into Autumn now and it is COOOOLD!

x Charlotta

Raru said...

hello hello :)))
thank you for this links :)))
wish you a wonderful week :)))

thank you.

Splendid Willow said...

Hello darling, I read the post about the 100+ love letters in a box. What an amazing collection! What a find!
(Did you see the one with criss cross code? Now that is art!)

Hope you had a fab weekend. Thinking of you and wondering how you are decorating your new home! (Show pics soon!)

Love, Mon

OneCraftyFox said...

Oh my goodness, Harry Hogan is adorable!! Cute. Overload. :)


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