Friday, April 30, 2010

Finnish fancy

I love the contrast between traditional and modern in this bright open kitchen in Helsinki. Despite it's buttery yellow walls, I feel this space looks quite airy and a little cold (quite Finnish). The ghost chairs have an almost icy effect, especially against the white floor.



{Photos: via Desire to Inspire}


Betty Gaeta said...

I loved this interior! The luster is wonderful and everything is very different.
Have a lovely weekend!

Charlotta Ward said...

Yes there are lot of interesting mixes here and tied together by that famous 'Scandinavian blonde' look, it really works.

Love the Finns and their stunning designs. From Aalto to Lapponia, to Marimekko and Saarinen (though he was half American..) - it is all fantastic!

x Charlotta

Sarah Klassen said...

That's true...I think that the white floor seems to cool it down more, perhaps? White floors + clear chairs must make the cool feeling, cooler. I do love the mix too, though, as the paintings on the gallery wall really offset the pristine chairs.

Hope you have a lovely weekend! Thank you so much for your visits this week, Sharalee :)


Lillian Chang said...

Wow, what beautiful white spaces!! Lovely!!

OneCraftyFox said...

This is amazing, I would love for my dining area to look like this.

Happy weekend!


I am so loving all the whitewashed interiors these days. Beautiful.

TJ said...

That chandelier is beautiful.

the red bungalow said...

this is super gorgeous. i just found your blog and i think i'm your newest fan. :)

Bre @

Down and Out Chic said...

lucite chairs + wood never cease to amaze me. such a lovely combo.

Leigha said...

I am quickly and deeply falling for just about everything on your blog!


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