Thursday, March 18, 2010

What's in your bag?

I'm often fascinated by the contents of people's handbags. The small collection of little essentials, or at least what we've deemed as essential, to carry around with us at all times. Having these things with us can make us feel safe, prepared for all of life's little misadventures. While I do try to edit the contents of my own bag and make sure I'm not carrying around excessive or unused items, inevitably there always seems to be a few things extra, there just in case.

All these little items tell a bigger story about the lives we lead. Little clues into our personalities, interests, daily habits and rituals. I loved that, in addition to this dreamy shoot, Style Me Romy gave us a peak into Miranda's personal belongings. They give strong hints into her personal life - her devotion to spirituality, her glamorous life as a model and constant travelling.


Prada handbag with trinkets, a Rose Quartz stone (Miranda believes in its positive energy), Kora hand cream (the water in these products is infused with Rose Quartz) and Serge Luten's Datura Noir fragrance. (I'm guessing that she doesn't carry roses around in her handbag at all times, but aren't they lovely?)


Miranda is lucky enough to be one of the select few with personalized Prada heels (see the gold M K on the sole). An avid reader, she is never without her Kindle, a much lighter option to the library of books she travels with. Also inside - a classic Rolex Oyster Air King watch, a collection of delicate bracelets (with hints to her spiritual practice) and Balenciaga sunglasses.


A lighter option -a Valentino bag, Balenciaga gladiator sandals, massage friend and the books 'The Magician's Way' and 'The Buddha in Daily Life'. I really admire Miranda's devotion to her faith, Nichiren Bhuddhism and daily yoga ritual. No doubt it keeps her calm, sane and grounded in a fast paced and somewhat turbulent industry.

Always in my handbag: my wallet, of course (with some sentimental tokens - a Tube pass from a birthday in London a few years back; a cute little note from my mum); L'Occitane hand cream; my cell phone (with photos of Javier and Mr. M that always make me smile); Prada sunglasses; my Moleskine planner; a tape measure; C.O. Bigelow's Rosebud salve (+ often another lip gloss); always a rotation of whatever book I`m reading or a magazine for the morning commute.
As you can see it builds up pretty quickly...

I`m curious to know - what`s in your handbag?

{All photos: StyleMeRomy via Studded Hearts}


Madelynnnn said...

I wrote a blog about this exact same topic, not quite as exciting and pretty as yours, but it does answer the question :)

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Wallet, lip glosses, Burt's Bees, planner, cell phone, small mirror, tissues, hand sanitizer...the list goes on! :)

SogniSorrisi said...

I love to see inside someone's purse, a little peak into the person. Love that Valentino bag and those cool personalized heels.

In my oversized day bag I have tons of stuff--wallet, some makeup, phone, iPod, mirror, usually a book or two, pens, etc., etc.

C'est La Vie said...

oh i love that flat round flower purse, so cute!

my purse is stuffed. i have everything anyone could ever need in there...and i feel naked with out it.

annechovie said...

My bag has antibacterial wipes, a wallet, my blackberry, lipgloss and a notepad. Thanks for your visit and comment!

The Shiny Pebble said...

If you really want to know... go look. Be forewarned... it isn't pretty...

Charlotta Ward said...

OMG.. what isn't in my handbag..! :)

Was chatting to Maria over at 'Vintage Simple' and we agreed that once you become a parent, both the content of a handbag (and/or the bedside table) resemble that of a fully equipped office/medical room/pantry/wardrobe..
The 'just-in-case' scenarios just leap to 'it-will-most'-likely-happen' realities. So in my handbag you'll find a lovely Max Mara wallet sit comfortably next to extra knickers and socks for my daughter, band aids sticking to my Gucci sunglasses, a juice popper rubbing against my key chain, a toy rabbit snuggling my iPhone etc etc.
It makes the airport scans very entertaining when we travel...

Lovely post!


Kaleena said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who is "purse curious". I'm such a nut. Whenever I'm with my friends, I'm often caught snooping through their bags like I'm some kind of bandit. I'm not stealing, I'm just curious! Purse snooping is just a habit I can't break. As a child, I went through my mom's all the time. Perhaps I should see a therapist...?

Sasha {Everything Fabulous} said...

love this!! agree that you can really find out more about the personalties of the person based on what they have inside their purse...

what would mine tell....I always have a journal to write my to dos, info, thoughts, wallet, a concealer (reads I am a mother of two very active boys)..and lately a have been carrying my I don't miss a minute of my kids...!!
hope you are having a lovely day!!! Thanks for your super sweet comment!!

Aimee said...

Love this post!

I have the 'standard issue' in my purse, but would like to share one gem that I always have on hand: Myntz brand mints. A lady always needs fresh breath :)

These are not sugary like other mints, nor do they leave a funny after taste.

I find mine at Trader Joes on the West Coast.

Simply Luxurious said...

It is so true about the contents of one's purse revealing more than we probably realize about the person.
As far as some of my contents - I'm never with my planner, cell, a book to read, lip gloss, and notebook to write thoughts down.

Lillian Chang said...

Oh what a great post!! I love this question :)
In my handbag: phone, wallet, keys (always do this mental check on these three before I leave the house), camera, sunglasses, tide to-go, floss, band-aids, eye drops, tampons, pens, sunblock, lip balm, an my filled up Sigg water bottle.
Yes, sometimes my bad does get kind of heavy...

mf said...

My bag...

wallet/change purse with tokens
keys to the store
cell phone
cell phone charger
fountain pen
no. 1 lip balm
about 6 or 7 different lip glosses (usually they are all some version of pink-mauve-nude) and yet I'm still carrying them all around
hair ties
hair clip
sometimes an extra set of earrings
sometimes hand cream

If I have an extra bag with me it'll carry an extra blazer/sweater for the little igloo I work at and perhaps a lunch and /or extra set of shoes.

Gets intense doesn't it.
Thank you for the lovely post!

TJ said...

wallet, lip glosses, kleenex, books, a folder for my oldest son's conferences, papers from the kids' last dr. appt. (weight/height chart stats), pens, earrings I plan to send my sister and I think that's it. I plan on carrying a smaller bag this Spring :)

Tamsyn said...

I did a post about this last month... definitely not as glamorous as Miranda's!


All of this is hilarious, but it shows we're all so much alike. This is why I hate changing handbags, it's just so much trouble taking out & putting in all of these things. OK, here goes:
Lip Gloss
Wallet Gucci
Notebook Moleskin
Judith Leiber Pill Box w/Breath Mints
Sunglasses 2-3 pairs in cases
Reading Glasses
Misc.Receipts from shopping

escapade said...

Really enjoyed the nosey look inside all your handbags - and no, it wasn't that scary! :)


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