Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shades of White

I think especially in Spring, we're drawn to open, airy interiors to give us that relief from mental and visual clutter. A blank slate to inspire creativity and open up possibilities. All white spaces are the perfect settings for creating limitless possibilities but also an atmosphere of relaxation and calm. The key with white is to keep it from becoming austere or unlivable, it still has to look welcoming and comfortable. In her Toronto home, Style at Home design editor, Ann Marie Favot has achieved this beautifully with classic lines, soft silhouettes and of course a light airy palette that makes you feel you've just ascended above the clouds.


I love Ann-Marie's decorating philosophy, "I waited until I knew exactly what I wanted and had the money to have it all custom-made. Never buy something just to fill a space."
{Whole-heartedly agreed!}


Without a traditional mantle to anchor the space, Ann-Marie cleverly adds this architectural detail with perfectly spaced, floating Ikea shelves. It adds an immediate focal point for the room, and a perfect spot to showcase a collection of art and ceramics - all in shades of white.



Pale and interesting, this patterned wall paper from Barbara Barry adds texture
and a bit of warmth to this entrance hall.


"It works because there are numerous whites," says Ann-Marie,
"whereas if there were just one or two it wouldn't."


Ann-Marie's love for white came from her mother, "who would unify different pieces with white paint." This tip is perfect for anyone on a budget or who doesn't like the look of 'a set'.


Simple Ikea Malm dressers paired with a vintage mirror painted white keeps this set personal, while still coordinating beautifully. "I'd never buy a matching bedroom suite. I'd much rather select different pieces and make them my own," says Ann-Marie.

Definitely one for the new house inspiration files!
Some of these things were even already on the list...

P.S. Pick up the issue quick for extra tips on paint colours and shades of white.

{The White House, Written by Helen Racanelli, Photos by Stacey Van Berkel-Haines for Style at Home, April 2010}


Emily said...


SogniSorrisi said...

How fresh and beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love these stark white spaces, they're so soothing. But I always wonder, where's all of their stuff?

I guess they only buy white books and white shoes and white remote controls!

Lillian Chang said...

Ooh, I love the crisp and fresh look of white everywhere!

MaryJanes and Galoshes said...

I just found your blog. Beautiful!

Giovanna ♥ said...

I love the white living room! These photos are very inspiring :) You have a beautiful blog.

Splendid Willow said...

Hello darling,

I know that I will be seeing at lot of white in your new nest! Look at all your recent posts!

Add I know that I am going to want to copy everything! (:

ox, Mon

escapade said...

MJ + G and Giovanna - thank you for such lovely comments!

Lillian + Mon - definitely going to be lots of white at the new place. It's a bit of an obsession!

domestikated - lol, very true sometimes with these photoshoots. So beautiful but you wonder where everything is ?!

Charlotta Ward said...

All this stunning white makes me feel so at home. Love love love white and guess it is programmed into my Swedish DNA. :)

Just have that soft voice at the back of my head whispering 'the kiiiiids'..You see, all the white in our home is seen as a great canvas for creative cheekiness by our 4 year old.. :)


P.s. Loved your guest post over at Manvi's. Love the blog. Love the girl.

Annette Piper said...

I love all the whites but they wouldn't be at all practical here in the country with dust, dirty husbands and careless children! But I can dream ....

Purple Snogging said...

The house looks very modern. I like the furniture in the house. The bed is really nice too.


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