Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Outside in

While I often fantasize about being able to spend all day outdoors, by the end of the day I always crawl back to the classic comfort of four walls and a roof. Not always an avid camper, I find it hard to give up the comforts of home - hot showers and soft beds just can't be beat. I've realized what I really want is that seemless blend of indoors and out.

I love discovering clever design that serves multiple functions - like this beautiful 'green wall' by i29 Architects in the Netherlands. While aesthetically beautiful, this living wall provides green space and increase air quality and acts as a natural insulation. The perfect statement wall in an all-white space.



{Photos: i29 via Living with White}


The Zhush said...

These are amazing! My kind of camping, all clean white lines and just screams fresh air!

Brandi said...

These are lovely! It really feels like you're stepping outdoors.

OneCraftyFox said...

I like the IDEA of outside, lol. Naw, I like being outdoors during the day but you'd never catch me at a campground overnight :)

Christina Song said...

what's inside and what's outside!! i love it

Hannah said...

This reminds me of Walter Gropius's glass houses in the midwest! These are so fabulous!

escapade said...

Zhush and CraftyFox - and even a lovely hot shower right at hand!

Brandi + Cristina - isn't that the best blend of all?

Looking forward to getting some new house plants for our new place, unfortunately nothing quite so extensive.

lorraine pennington said...

beautiful ! i can not wait for the time change to stay out
longer in the daylight , and this house is so open.


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