Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bright new star: Pedro Lourenço

Always excited to see the new collections from favourite designers, old classics that never fail to disappoint. Equally exciting is the opportunity to discover fresh new talent on the rise and new favourites in the making.

A new one to watch is young Brazilian designer Pedro Lourenço. At only nineteen years old he has debuted his collection in Paris to rave reviews. His stunning collection featured sleek architectural lines and precise, perfectly tailored pieces that show great creativity and attention to detail. His collection was inspired by the goddess Diana the huntress and Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. Definitely fierce.



Pedro started sewing as a toddler and started designing professionally at age twelve. His parents are Gloria Coelho and Reinaldo Lourenço, two of Brazil's top designers. While he grew up being immersed with fashion, his parents say they couldn't have kept him away from it if they'd tried.



I'm always fascinated by people who discover their passion so early in life. Sometimes makes you wonder how well you would be doing at something if you'd started so young? Will definitely be looking out for Pedro and can't wait to see where his talent takes him.

{Photos: FashionFile: Elle}


Karena said...

What an exciting collection, such a talented designer! Pedro is amazing! Come and follow me, as I will have a great giveaway soon!

Art by Karena

escapade said...

Hi Karena - thanks for stopping by! Definitely agree, Pedro is amazing - can't believe he's so young!


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