Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Better in Black + White

Far too often I find the best things come in black and white. For me, this holds true more often than not in photography, design, interiors and fashion. While some find this palette quite limiting, I think it just opens up all the possibilities in between.

While I loved the vibrant colours in this photoshoot, some of its most beautiful moments in were captured in black and white. Somehow this film always creates such a timeless quality and makes everything look elegant. I wanted to combine these images with a little tribute to one of my favourite blogs, Aubrey Road. I've been captivated since my first visit as the editor, Jenny and I share an affinity for black and white, and I always enjoy her cool, laid back Island style.
Jenny, thank you for all the beautiful inspiration!









{Photos: Vanessa Paradis photographed byEric Guillemain and Vibe Dabelstein forVs magazine, Spring/Summer 2010,
all interiors via Aubrey Road}


Sweetwine and Snowflakes said...

Life is better in Black and White!!

escapade said...

Definitely agreed ;)

OneCraftyFox said...

These photos are stunning!

Simply Luxurious said...

Beautiful photos.

escapade said...

Thank you Crafty Fox + SL - hope you have some of the beautiful sunshine we're enjoying here today!

kate funk said...

Gorgeous photos.


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