Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vertical Gardens by Flora Grubb

This is probably one of the most fantastic ideas I've seen in ages! These amazing pieces of botanical art are actually living, growing succulents planted and secured into a box frame that can be mounted on the wall.

Created by Flora and Kevin, the duo behind Flora Grubb Gardens -specialty gardeners and suppliers of fine plants in San Francisco, CA. They were very inspired by the work of Patrick Blanc who is renowned for his beautiful lush garden walls. By framing the plants, they are much more conducive to a residential space, and the use of succulents makes them much lower maintenance and able to be used indoors as well.

Especially in a small urban space, this would be the perfect way of bringing the outdoors in! The plants' light weight and ability to grow without soil allows them continue to thrive in this setting. The colours and texture in this new 'piece' by Kevin are amazing - they really are so rich and interesting. It's a piece of art you would never grow tired of!

These would be perfect on a patio or, if you're lucky enough to have one, your own private courtyard complete with an outdoor bath like Flora's (below).

Click here to learn more about Flora Grubb and be sure to follow Flora's lovely blog
to learn more about their recent projects.

{All photos: FloraGrubb via ElleDecorationSA}


Sarah Klassen said...

These are so amazing looking!!

Joanna Goddard said...

i can't believe your wedding dress was $40! amazing!!!

Stacy said...

I love floral boards!


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