Monday, May 25, 2009

Michael Penney, The Bargain Hunter

Speaking of the talented Michael Penney - he is this month's 'cover boy' at Canadian House and Home. A big part of Michael's genius comes from his ability to scout out bargains and with a little retro-fitting and DIY savvy, create fabulous, chic space.

I was very inspired by so many of Michael's clever ideas - like the kitchen pegboard (above). I currently like in a cute apartment with the world's smallest kitchen (trust me, I've checked) - I'm constantly trying to find ways to maximize on storage - this just might do the trick... I also love Michael's woven basket - it has inspired me to go to my mum's and steal one of hers :) - I meant borrow...

I love that he chose open cupboard spaces - with a great collection of eclectic dinnerware, why keep it all locked up inside cupboards?

Ah - the charm of a claw foot tub. The open wall mounted unit was a vintage find that Michael found and sprayed it black to anchor the space. Michael says that he chose the polka-dot shower curtain because of it's 'quirky Kate Spade vibe', I agree - it's charming.

A beautiful light filled space and indoor plants would be the perfect spot to relax on the chaise with a good book or a lovely cup of tea. The lamp (above, right) was a Value Village find.

The bold brown and white stripes pack some punch. The beautiful moulded headboard is actually made from panels of a vintage door.

Find out more of Michael's clever tips in this month's issue of Canadian House and Home
- and be sure to look up his blog at House and Home online.

{All Photos: Angus Fergusson, CanadianHouseandHome June'09}


Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

What fabulous stripes. I love that!!!

Daniella said...

Aww... that polka-dot curtain is so cute!

A Life More Fabulous said...

I agree - the polka dots are just darling. And I thought the brown and white stripes were a great bold statement, and a little softer than black and white.

coco+kelley said...

wow - those are some SERIOUSLY great finds! i love bargain hunting! there's so much out there that people overlook because it's not in a big name store or it just needs an extra coat of paint. and that shower curtain is ADORABLE!

RoRoMom said...

What a wonderful post! Be sure to take a video tour of Michael Penney's house. Click video at

Michael Penney said...

Hi there! Thanks for all the great feedback! Glad you liked my place. And if you guys want more cheap/chic ideas and finds, check out my blog at or

Thanks again! Lovely blog by the way!

Michael Penney - Assistant Style Editor, House & Home Magazine

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