Monday, May 18, 2009

British Invasion!

It seems that Anglo-philia is on the rise!

Designers everywhere seem to have fallen in love with the bold, graphic lines of the Union Jack.

Here are some of my favourites...

unionjackpillowUnion Jack pillows from Naked Decor - also available in fun colours!

queenclock'Live Like a Queen' Clock by Naked Decor.

unionjackcardmadebygirlI love these bright and playful cards from Made By Girl - getting one of these in the mail would definitely make me smile! :)

keepcalmcarryonmatThe 'Keep Calm and Carry On' reprint of the wartime poster has taken the world by storm - the posters are everywhere. I like this mat for a day you're off in a hurry...

Pedlars online store has everything you can imagine in this series, and a whole lot more!

unionjackteatowelHow about a fun, punchy tea towel to add a little fun to your kitchen and add a bit of British manner?

Find them at Pedlars.

harrodslondonbusapron1If you're really having a British withdrawal, what says 'London' like Harrod's? I love this cheerful London bus apron.

Get your fix shopping at Harrod's online store

harrodsteaWhile you're there - pick up a lovely gift for someone else, or yourself.

I love this 'London Icons' set of classic English teas - and what's more British than a lovely cup of tea!


What better to go with tea than something delicious from a Nigella!

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