Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tip Top Taler - beautiful tiles by Xenia Taler

April 1, 2009 by alifemorefabulous


Xenia Taler’s beautiful tiles are the perfect remedy for the ceramic duldrums. Bright, cheerful and full of imagination no doubt they would be the focal point of an space you put them in. Xenia and partner Steven Koblinsky work together to create these beauties with Xenia designing the tiles and Steven creating the clay and glazes.


I believe that what makes these tiles so extra special is their philosophy behind their product. Their mission is to create beautiful pieces of art that make you smile and that have the quality and longevity to be treasured and handed down for years to come…


Not in need of a renovation? They make wall hanging tiles that come with grooves for hanging as well as cork on the bottom and are suited to withstand heat so you can use them as coasters and trivets.


I’m not the only one who was taken with Xenia - here she is in Domino’s very first issue!


Xenia and Steve create their brand of magic from their Toronto studio but you can find their products at retailers across the United States and online as well. Intrigued? Check out more beautiful creations at their website - one of their tiles would be the perfect way to ’spring up’ your space!

{all images from Xenia Taler}

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Jillian Frances said...

The crewel work tiles are especially gorgeous. Great post!


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