Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Good Reason to stay in bed… Rubie Green Bedding

March 31, 2009 by alifemorefabulous


It was lovely to wake up early this morning and enjoy a cup of tea in the spring sunshine. It would have been harder if I had been in the lovely new bedding from Rubie Green. Michelle Adams started Rubie Green with the premise of creating eco-friendly textiles with classic prints and patterns. The result - simply beautiful.


The new bedding is available in (l to r) Tillinghast, Habibi, Classis and East Village. The East Village is so pretty and modern all at once - very feminine, with a bit of an edge. Unfortunately I don’t know if Andrew would go for pink. Luckily, I’m really loving the Habibi too!


I love the caption for the Habibi - so cute!

‘It’s the balance of the room that falls off kilter when he’s gone, and the way it instantly rights itself when his keys jingle the lock. It’s butterflies that still haven’t ceased in taking flight, and the way he seems to know exactly what’s on your mind. After all, he is your beloved; he is your habibi.’


Settle into a good book and lovely linens - sounds perfect!

For more information on Rubie Green click here - and be sure to check out Michelle’s fantastic blog - M.A. Belle :)

{All photos from Rubie Green and Aphrochic via Flickr}

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