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Fabulous spaces - Jessie Randall

March 29, 2009 by alifemorefabulous


While feeling rather Domino deprived, I’ve been wanting to go back to some of my very favourite Domino moments. Hands down, one of my most favourite ones was the lovely Brooklyn home of designing duo Jessie Randall and Brian Murphy of Loeffler Randall. Having seen their amazing shoes and bag, it’s no surprise that their savvy style would translate into their home.


I love the bright white moulding and accents, and neutral colour scheme. The gorgeous, gilded wallpaper provides peachy pop of colour and a little bit a glamour. The ‘ For Like Ever’ poster sold out shortly after the 2006 article in Domino - get the look at one of my favourite Etsy stores, Made By Girl (while you’re there check out her other amazing prints), or get the original by Village here.


‘Deeply Madly in Love’ by Made By Girl


The desk is of course, West Elm’s Parson Desk, it’s clean, understated profile makes it blend perfectly into any space. The beautiful accessories make it more personal and prevent it from ever looking generic. I love the glass dome and the lovely bud vases filled with full blossoms.

glassdomebirdI love these little Glass Domed Birds from Pier 1 - at only 5 inches tall they would be perfect on a desk (mentally adding it to my wish list…)


The cork lamp base provides a perfect venue for a small rotating display of beautiful, sentimental items - be it photo booth strips or a beautiful brooch, as seen here, or whatever you like… Make your own cork based lamp with these simple steps by Kate via Design Sponge.


I love the pop of colour from the green Overlapping Squares Chairs from West Elm. I love the gallery wall in the dining room, it give it such a personal, lived-in feeling. Plus, life’s too short - why limit yourself to just one piece of art per space! It’s a perfect place to display personal photos and smaller pieces of art. For Jessie’s very personal touch of a paper sillouette (of yourself, a loved one or a pet), have your own made here.

Love Jessie’s style? Want to copy it in your space, or think you already have? Take some pictures of your space and enter at Elements of Style for a chance to win a copy of the Domino Book of Decorating.

{All photos from Domino September 2006}

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